Fix for extraneous tabs

There is a problem with browsers (such as Flock) based on the Firefox engine when you click an external link such as from an email. The effect is that although the link opens in the browser, it will open two tabs, each of which loads the same URL. This has been known for some time, and I had corrected it in my previous version of Flock and Firefox, but since installing the new version that same problem has returned.

I found the fix for it again this morning. Here it is:

Looks like there may be a problem with the way Firefox registers itself to handle urls in Windows or an issue with DDE messaging. A workaround for now:

1. Open Explorer
2. Select Tools and then Folder Options
3. Select the File Types tab
4. Select Extension: (NONE), File Type: HyperText Transfer Protocol
5. Click Advanced toward the bottom of the window
6. In the Edit File Type window, select open and click Edit
7. Clear the DDE message box (which should contain “%1”)
8. Click OK, Click OK
9. Repeat for File Type: HyperText Transfer Protocol with Privacy

Multiple windows from outside links (Thunderbird, etc) – MozillaZine Forums

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