Monthly Archives: January 2010

I lie in wait.

woods - squirrels

Ever since I came back from New Mexico, I’ve had a running battle with the squirrels that live around here, but it’s their fault.  They started it by deciding to set up housekeeping inside the walls between me and my neighbor.  They just tunneled in and started reproducing.



This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Mike’s HDR set

Mike has come a long way since I gave him his first digital camera soon after Connor was born on May 1, 2005.

Here is an example of some of his experiments with HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. I find them both artistic and pleasing, worthy to me of being made into a coffee table book with absolutely no fatherly bias having entered into this judgment whatsoever!

I believe that for best effect you should watch the video in full screen mode by clicking the icon of the arrows pointing to the four corners of the screen that appears in the lower right corner of the player once you click the PLAY arrow to start the slideshow. (Escape leaves that mode.)

Mike has his own website called Shape Shifter Images and is available for portrait and other photographic work.