Why Berlin? Why Now? Some of you may wonder wh…

Why Berlin? Why Now?

Some of you may wonder why I chose to go to Berlin? The answer is simple. My friend, Paul Moor, lives there and he has been urging me to come to visit him since he moved there from San Francisco in 1995. It was a return to Berlin for Paul who lived there from 1956 until 1981. You can learn more about Paul’s immensely interesting life here, and you can learn how he and I met here. These links point to web pages I created a few years ago as I was learning how to post things to the Internet. Here is a link to a picture of Paul and his current best friend, Maxe.

Why am I choosing to go now? Again the answer is simple and yet another illustration of the benefits of friendship. My friend and fellow-employee Josh Yonce’s wife Angie is a Delta Airlines flight attendant who is currently on a leave of absence from Delta. Because she and Josh had more employee flight passes than they could use, Josh made one of them available to me so that I could purchase a ticket to Germany at a cost that is unheard of ordinarily. On my meager income, I would not have been able to afford the flight any other way. The entire trip, round trip, is costing me $377.00. So I am deeply indebted and very grateful to Josh and Angie for the opportunity to make this trip.


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