Today is my anniversary

home_0687 Looking out my office window, I can’t help drifting off into the memory that Carole and I were married on August 25, 1962, a mere 47 years ago today, at the Decatur (GA) First Christian Church.  Dr. Charles Schwab performed the ceremony during which, in a move similar to that of Chief Justice John Roberts who muffed the oath of office to President Obama last January 20th, he asked me “do you Nelson Perry … etc.”  But despite that glitch the sun shone brightly on our wedding day. 

We left the church in the car that had been “decorated” by our friends but we switched cars a mile or so away from the church before leaving for our honeymoon in Gatlinburg, TN. And there we stayed for a few days at, where else?, the Ogle Cabins. 

Our first night together , however, was spent at the Riviera Motel on Peachtree at I-85 in Atlanta.  I failed to take note of the room number, I’m now sorry to recall.  It’s funny to me that details such as that are interesting this far removed from the event.  The remaining details of our first night together were buried with Carole on June 10th and my memory grows dimmer by the moment.  Yes, I know, but I ain’t tellin’.

So today I’m going to celebrate the anniversary of my wedding day by painting my ceiling. I’m a Romantic, don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “Today is my anniversary

  1. Daryl

    Worse things have been done to commemorate beautiful things than painting ceilings. Just ask Michelangelo. (I don’t have to believe in the reality of the beautiful things to appreciate them.)

  2. Perry

    Good point, Daryl.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever been in my house, and if not, we’ll have amend that soon, but in one section of my so-called great room I have a Sistine Chapel like ceiling that is at least two floors tall and slants toward a peak. In order to paint that, I’m going to have to rent scaffolding. Maybe I’ll try lying on my back, just to appreciate a bit better the magnitude of the accomplishment. Working atop the scaffolding isn’t something I’m looking forward to, but maybe it will be a snap. Yeah, and maybe I’ll run away and join the circus or win the lottery without buying a ticket.


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