Twittering away one’s time

Twitter isn’t new. However I am new to Twitter, having only signed up since my return to Knoxville from Las Vegas, NM, in May. The video that follows gives a good overview of what it is and an explanation of how to begin using it.

How one uses this microblogging tool is left to your imagination. However, here’s an example that has occurred to me.

It seems to me that because there are a number of us who are concerned about any news of my 85 year-old Berlin friend Paul Moor as he recovers from his stroke, I could use a Twitter account to post the latest on his condition and activities. That is a much more sensible way to blog about how he is doing because 140 characters would ordinarily be more than enough to give a succinct report. And the available news at any one time isn’t usually sufficient for a blog post, though of course when it is, that medium, rather than Twitter, could be used. It seems like an ideal platform for this kind of use.

Do any of you know if one can set up a second Twitter account while you are logged into your current account?

Update: I have now created @FriendsofPaule on Twitter by using the Gmail “+” workaround. If you aren’t familiar with that workaround, see these instructions.


3 thoughts on “Twittering away one’s time

  1. Perry

    Thanks, Daryl, for that clarification.

    I have just attempted to log out of my Twitter account and create a new one, however when I entered my email address, I received an error that my email address had “already been taken.” I know lots of people have more than one, so either a large number of us are “living outside the law” or Twitter condones it or at the very least tolerates it.

    I appreciate the pointer to Twhirl. I’ll check it out.

  2. Perry

    Daryl, I’ve just read the terms of service which are in plain English rather than legalese. I see no mention, at all, of multiple accounts. Perhaps you are limited only by the number of email addresses you have. I’d be interested in whether you see anything in the terms of service that you think bears on multiple accounts.

  3. Perry

    I have updated the post with links to both the Twitter feed for news about Paul and to the Gmail help that explains how to use the “plus workaround” to overcome the hurdle of using the same email address for multiple accounts. Now if I can only make sure that I always tweet to the right account!


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