I’ve been using Evernote for about six or seven months now. I find it to be incredibly useful!

The video above is one of many available at this link. This is one sweet application and after my early experiences with it, I decided a day or so ago to go ahead and pay the $45 for the annual subscription to a “premium” membership. More space, and the ability to allow you to update a shared notebook. Sweet!

This kind of service makes an immense amount of sense for virtual organizations. Nelson & Sons Enterprises, LLC, not yet officially formed but in the works, could use Evernote to assemble and update a corporate body of knowledge.

I strongly recommend you at least explore Evernote. If you have a work computer and a home computer or a desktop and a laptop, you need Evernote. You won’t regret entering into an initial trial with it, because if you take that step you will immediately see the benefits of this “external brain.”


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