About Paul Moor

Most of you who know me know of my friend Paul Moor. He and I met online in a writers group back in the early 90s.

In February on the first, I think it was, he suffered a stroke that left him aphasic and unsteady.   His aphasia has improved considerably and even surprisingly already. At 85, he is still dealing with unsteadiness and that may be true from here on out.  But the good news is that he has made enough progress that he is being sent home to his apartment on July 20th.  His friend  Wolfi Petri who has been caring for Maxe, the wonder Dachshund, will bring him over on the 20th for a visit with Paul.  Whether Maxe and Paul hook up for good on the 20th remains to be seen.  I believe that Meals on Wheels will be making 3 stops a day at Paul’s house, and he has a busy schedule of therapy planned out for him.

I can only say, bravo, Paul.  You’ve made a remarkable recovery and your journey to do so has revealed some interesting things such as:

An amazing legion of supporters and well-wishers who sprang up and rallied to Paul’s aid.  His friend, Dr. Helmut Mueller, has taken the lead in overseeing the assistance that Paul gets.  He arranged for Frau Salien to be appointed administrator of Paul’s estate.  Paul said to me that even if he might be considered unpatriotic, he had to admit that he was glad this happened to him in Germany rather than in the U. S.   (Let the health care debate begin.)  He does seem to be under a good protective umbrella there.

Yesterday when Dr. Charles McClelland was visiting him, he shot this video (as an on camera interview) of Paul sending a greeting out to his friends.  This is a moment that a number of us weren’t sure we would ever see.  So Paul’s going home to his apartment is an enormous achievement.

Bear in mind,  this video is a one-take, extemporaneous dialog from an 85 year old man who is now but four months into his recovery from a stroke.  Pretty impressive to me.

Sometime back when I first read Mitch Albom’s “Tuesdays with Morie” and concluded that I planned to travel along this path to the end of the road with Paul, I realized that I should cherish those times we talk on the phone and joke and carry on as if we were in the same room.  I can spend however many days with Paul that we are lucky enough to have helping him  exercise his memory while I glean from him all the pearls of wisdom he wants to share.  Carpe diem.

Paul’s memory is getting a little ragged around the edges, but he is really looking forward to getting his hands on a standard desk set type telephone so that he can place and receive calls.

Soon he’ll be back at home.  I’ll take that for now.


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