The Fourth in Georgia

Over the weekend, I went to Carole’s house in Lula to spend the Fourth of July with my sons and their families.  On Saturday they worked pretty hard in trying to get things cleaned out at Carole’s house and then late in the afternoon Mike and Connor went for a ride on Jeff’s Artic Cat.  Here is the video I shot with my new iPhone of that event. And yes, it will shoot in landscape mode, but because this was my first real attempt at a video, I didn’t think to turn it that way. As I become more accustomed to it, I’ll get better. Everybody has a first time.


One thought on “The Fourth in Georgia

  1. CaptQuirk

    My friend Rebecca Gonzales asked where this was shot. It is at Carole home in Lula, Ga. The road is the road into her house. Jeff's house is at the end of the same road. The family has a total of 32 acres of wooded land in Hall County and both Jeff and Carole, when she was alive, live at the end of that road that Connor and Mike are coming down in the video.


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