Hello, Knoxville.

Yes, it’s me and I’m back in town … for the moment anyway.  New Mexico welcome sign

The contract I was managing in New Mexico ended on May first and I got back in town on the 15th.  I’ve been shuffling the junk around my condo into meaningful groupings in what passes for my idea of a “decorating scheme.”  I’ve begun printing some of my pictures from New Mexico to display around the house and I have a plan about what to do in the coming year that I’ll say more about as I go along.

Today I’ll be going to visit my ex-wife Carole in Georgia.  Mike and his children are there (Kaitlin is at least) and of course Jeff lives across the street from her.  During my time there I’ll be out of regular and consistent contact with the Internet so updates, though infrequent in the next few days will be a lot more frequent than during 2008.

I purchased a new HP Mini computer, a so-called netbook, to replace the company laptop that I had.  So far I give it mixed reviews.  It’s like having a new puppy.  Everybody stops by because they think it is cute, so it’s a great way to meet “chicks” as some would say.  That’s provided your idea of a “chick” is a geek, master’s degree candidate desk clerk named Shiva from India in Oklahoma City.  At any rate, the “cute” computer attracts attention.

I’m sure I’ll wax eloquent at great length over the next year about how I felt about my experience there, but I’ll sum it up for now by saying this. I spent a year out there being a Tennessean in New Mexico, but when I got into the U-Haul truck to drive it back to Tennessee, I knew in my heart that I was New Mexican headed back to Tennessee … temporarily!

The bottom line is I have returned.  I will be posting again as the spirit moves me and as I have something I want to say.  Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Hello, Knoxville.

  1. Tom Willis

    Well it took some time but you had been on my mind to check in and see how you might have fared at the new/old posting. I had hoped to try to reach you much sooner but we have moved and a lot of water has moved under the bridge. Hope you will have time to drop Joyce and I a note when the boxes are unpacked and the decorating has a lul. 😎 Phone number has changed but the toll free number on the web site still will reach me if you want to talk on a lond line. Leave me a message and we can do cell phones, land lines or even try Skype ( I stil do not have a camera set up).
    Welcome home to the hills from the land of enchanment!

  2. Perry Post author

    Hi, Tom. It’s good to hear from you. Sorry my activities of the last year have kept us out of touch for so long. I’ll email you so we can exchange contact details again.

    For your information and that of anyone else who may read this comment, I no long have a Blackberry as of today, so the number 505 515-4308 is now officially “out of service.”


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