Breaking News from … the Onion

Breaking News: All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash

Apparently some of my friends are having trouble viewing this video here on my site. Why I can’t imagine, since it plays perfectly well for me here in Firefox. If you’d like to try to view it in its native location go here:


2 thoughts on “Breaking News from … the Onion

  1. Colm Smyth

    Breaking news: Details are sketchy but it appears that Google founders successfully re-installed the World Wide Web and all DNS queries and HTTP requests are now resolving to Google’s cache. Mysteriously however, all requests for porn images are returning the Google logo which now accounts for 69.7% of all internet traffic. Microsoft’s sites are still inaccessible.

    The bug that caused the deletion of the WWW has been traced to a patch to Firefox; it appears that instead of removing support for firefoxurl, they deleted all URLs.

    In other news, all documents on the web in Microsoft Office format have been replaced with ODF.

    President Bush was quick to propose a radical solution to the problem: “We have learned time and time again that we must control, alt and delete; we must re-boot; we must re-install. The solution is simple: we who believe in liberty are going to bring Windows Vista Ultimate to the world; and we will run a virus-checker on the World Wide Web; and we will low-level format the web every 4 years.”

  2. Perry Post author

    Colm, your comment is almost funnier than the video itself. Thanks for giving me a good chuckle with a commentary that both responds to the video and extends it. Maybe you should apply for work with The Onion. 😉


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