Flock revisited

This morning I discovered through my RSS feeds that version 0.9 of Flock was available for download, so I downloaded and installed it.  I am writing this post using its blog editor.  My initial impressions of the user interface are generally positive as it is quite different than it was when I last used it.  I have taken a hiatus from using each of the intervening versions since I ceased using it on October 30, 2006.  I’ll spend the day experimenting with this version and see how I like it.  I’ll update this post later in the day with my reactions.

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5 thoughts on “Flock revisited

  1. Daryl

    Glad you got wind of this, Perry. I was just entertaining the idea of writing a quick post about the release (and the new web site launch, which has overtaken my life over the last couple of weeks) and naturally thought of pinging you in particular, as it was through Flock that we first became acquainted.

  2. Perry Post author

    I’ve remained subscribed to the Flock RSS feed and was anticipating the arrival of 0.9 and, of course, eventually of 1.0. I noticed the new web site and its new look. I like it. Very nice.

    I’ll continue to play with Flock for a while and see whether I can adapt to its new functionality. I confess that in the 8 months since I’ve returned to Firefox, I’ve developed some useful habits with it that I may be reluctant to give up. The big issue for me will be whether the performance of the two is comparable. Flock, as I’m sure you know, attempts to do more things than Firefox does so that is bound to take some performance toll on it. However, I’ll give it a while and try not to make any snap judgments.

  3. Perry Post author

    Thanks, Tish. Now I can change the tagline for my blog to read “The award-winning on-going account of my discoveries online.” 😉

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