Google Reader shortcut keys demoed

In this short video, I demonstrate a few of the shortcut keys I use in reading RSS feeds in Google Reader.

I’ve taken the video showing the entire screen, so trying to read detail will be difficult, but having you see the detail clearly wasn’t my purpose in recording it. The idea was to show the global view of what is happening when you press the various short cut keys. The keys illustrated in this video are in order of their appearance: G+A which displays All Unread Items, 2 which switches to List View (conversely 1 switches to Expanded View), U which toggles Full Screen Mode, J which displays the Next Item in the list (conversely, K displays the Previous Item), and V which opens the Current Item in a separate tab or window (depending upon your browser). As mentioned in my previous post, you can see the various shortcut keys by typing a question mark in Google Reader. Also illustrated in this video are some navigation keys in Firefox. For instance Ctrl-Tab moves among the open tabs and Ctrl-F4 closes the current tab.

Experiment with using the shortcut keys in Google Reader and you’ll be amazed how quickly you can get through a large number of items in the list of your feeds. I should note that much of the procedure shown here is just my personal preference and none of it is required to read the feeds in Google Reader, but this particular combination of keys work well for me. If you’d care to comment on your preferences in the comments, you are welcome to do so.


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