The incredible Mr. Moor, who began blogging recently but quite reluctantly I must admit, has discovered the joy of blogging. 

I helped him install Windows Live Writer and for the first several entries at his blog I logged in to his system remotely and took him by the hand to guide him as he made those entries.  This morning however when I opened Google Reader, I was both delighted and surprised to find that he had posted a new entry at his blog on his own, without any hand-holding from me.  He has discovered that it is something that he can do easily without any help, which pleases me a lot.

However, the thing that got him hooked is that I added his blog as a project on my StatCounter account and added a link in the footer of each of his pages that he (or anyone) can click to see the statistics about his visitors.  He has been reinforced immensely to see that people are visiting his blog and reading what he has posted.  He observed in an email to me that “At this rate, I’ll never get anything ELSE done: I keep going back to http://www.paul-moor.com/, time after time after time, to gloat incredulously over my latest statistics.”  As he said in a Skype call, it gives him great pleasure to see almost instantaneously that people are reading what he has written.  And indeed his statistics are showing a remarkable amount of traffic for such a new blog. 

It’s a real pleasure to share something you enjoy with a friend and then see them enjoying it as much as he apparently is.  I think he’s hooked.

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