The Incredible Mr. Moor, now a blogger

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for any time at all, you’ll have seen me mention my friend Paul Moor, whom I have known now since the early 1990s, almost 15 years. 

We met, originally, on a Writers conference, back before the World Wide Web even existed, during a time when we used Bulletin Board Systems to interact with the world electronically.  Paul was, and still is, a professional writer, and at the time we first met, he was living in San Francisco.  After having exchanged a few messages with him on that Writers conference, I called him one Christmas eve, just to talk to him in person.  One thing led to another and as a result, through the years we have become fast and very close friends. 

In 1995, he decided to move back to Berlin, where he had spent about 30 years or so prior to moving to San Francisco in 1980, to live out the remainder of his life there primarily because of the extraordinary cultural climate in that city.  You could search this blog for references to Paul, but I’d specifically commend to you this running account of my visit to his home in late September of 2003, which begins with this entry and continues forward in time through the next eight entries and ends with this one

Since December of 2004, when I convinced him to install Skype, we have talked almost daily for a time varying from a few minutes to more than an hour each time.  During those conversations he has shared some extraordinary stories about the people he has known and the adventures he has had.  I look forward to talking with him each day, and as I told him recently, I may talk to him more often than to any other member of my family.  We’re that close, and he is like a member of my family to me. 

Paul is a man with catholic interests and a propensity to share anything he thinks merits attention with a large circle of email contacts.  The contents of those emails might be links to specific things he has found on the Internet or delightful stories of his encounters with an incredible number of famous and significant people of the last half century, all told with a storytellers skill, wit and charm.  I’ve long thought that he was delivering the kind of thing that might show up in a well-written blog, except he was doing it by email.

Well, I’ve finally convinced him to create a blog of his own, and because he has done that, you too can now enjoy getting to know him.  The blog is called Ich bin ein [Texas-Born] Berliner, and already it contains some fascinating content.  I encourage you to sample it, visit it as often as you can, and/or subscribe to the feed.  I think you’ll find it to be a source of constant enjoyment and possibly even of education.  Leave a comment on any of the posts, and you can begin your own dialog with the incredible Mr. Moor.  But even if you never comment, your life will be enriched by reading the stories he tells and hearing what he has to say.  At 83, Paul disproves the old adage, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”   


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