Virtual Vacations

I virtually never take a vacation, last year’s cruise to Alaska with Carole being a spectacularly notable exception, but I do take virtual vacations. For instance, I am participating in two vacations, vicariously and virtually this Memorial Day weekend, with my son Mike and his extended family at Ft. Walton Beach, FL, and with Andy of Yellow Swordfish and his wife, as they visit the American west and southwest from the British Isles. (Also see Andy’s posts here and here.) The beauty of virtual vacations is that I can switch quickly from the beach to the Grand Canyon and I don’t incur the shock to my bank account of having to stop every 300 or 400 miles to get soaked at a gas station, nor do I have to leave the familiar surroundings or the comfort of my own computer. All in all, I’m glad I’m here rather than there.

Update: Here are a few of the pictures that Mike has posted to Flickr. (Click to see enlargement.) Looks like everyone is enjoying himself at the beach.

Grandson Connor at Ft. Walton Beach, FL Miss Morgan says hello Mammaw’s getting into the swing too. Madison is styling da boys at da bar, ordering milk, straight up

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