Famous by association

A former colleague and friend, Jerry Pounds, is quoted extensively this morning in a Wall Street Journal article by Jeff Zaslow. So as Jerry basks in his moment of notoriety, I bask in the knowledge that I once knew someone who is considered quotable by someone who writes for a widely-read publication, and therefore by extension, and I would add by a real stretch of the imagination, I am now famous! 14:59, 14:58, 14:57 … the seconds of my 15 minutes of fame tick away furiously. Damn, fame is fleeting!

What Mr. Zaslow failed, egregiously it seems to me, to mention is that Jerry has written a book, Praise for Profit, about the insights he gained from his 35 years of experience as a Performance Management consultant. It wouldn’t have hurt him to cast a little link love Jerry’s way, but I suppose the big media folks don’t feel any such obligation to us peons who provide fodder for their articles. While I’m mentioning Jerry, let me also point out that he writes a thought-provoking blog about his somewhat angst-ridden musings on life and culture. I always enjoy reading his blog, yet I am often left as speechless as is the AFLAC duck in response to Yogi’s saying, “And they give you cash which is just as good as money.” Check out Jerry’s blog. You might find it interesting.


3 thoughts on “Famous by association

  1. Perry Post author

    That’s true. I tend to lay low in discussions about these things lest it be revealed that I was among the first to lead us all astray, operating as I did at a time when we didn’t have any baseline about the potential negatives of strategies that seemed to work, sort of like being one of those who advocated the wide-spread use of DDT, Thalidomide, or tobacco. Who knew? Hindsight is so wonderfully clear!

  2. Jerry

    If there were any justice in the world, both of you guys would be incarcerated for your contribution to America’s praise addiction. The irresponsible distribution of rewards and incentives should be a misdemeanor; teaching those practices should be a felony. I’m sure you agree.

    Unh-uh; uh-huh; unh-uh; uh-huh.
    Is too; is not; is too; is not.

    Well, its at times like this that I am reminded of something Freud often said–“Let’s do some blow.”


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