I may never leave my Desk again

I spent much of yesterday trying to help my son Mike free up some space on his laptop.  He has an old HP Omnibook XE3 that only has a 20 GB hard disk and suffers from a defective DVD drive so that he can’t use it to burn CDs.  Hence, he doesn’t have any means of archiving the material he has on his HD.  His new Canon Digital Rebel XTi is a 10.1 megapixel camera so when he offloads his pictures onto his computer, the hard disk fills up pretty quickly.  Because he had used about 99% of his available space, I brought the laptop to my house so I could copy his pictures to my system and burn them to CD for him.  As I’ve written before, copying the pictures over to my computer takes a long time and is tedious. 

However, I think we found a solution for him yesterday.  He purchased a Seagate FreeAgent 320GB External Hard Disk from Best Buy for what seems to me like the incredibly reasonable price of $99.99, plus tax of course.  The previous day I had gotten him a PCMCIA USB 2.0 card that made the decision to go with the external hard disk possible.  The combination of these two items will give him plenty of room for his photographic efforts and it will save me a lot of work.  All-in-all, it seems like a win-win situation that resolves the dilemma of how to deal with archiving his pictures and that postpones the need to replace the old computer.   Obviously, even when he gets a new computer, he can still use the external HD with it.  I am simply amazed at how reasonable the price of storage space has become nowadays.

The reason I chose the title I did for this post is that he offered me his LCD television (pictured at the right) that he had purchased a while back and wasn’t using so that I could have it here on my desk.  Given that I can keep track of those few things I want to watch on television, such as Braves baseball, while still working at the computer, I may never have an excuse to walk away from my desk again.  There’s a bathroom just across the hall, my bedroom is in the next room, and if I wanted to I could put the coffee pot on the wet bar that is in the former family room that I now use as my bedroom.  What more could anyone want?  As they say, life is good — both here and at Mike’s house.

Update: Nothing, it seems, is ever as easy as it ought to be. I spoke with Mike this morning, and he indicates that when he tries to use the external hard drive his computer locks up. The mouse and keyboard freezes after Windows reports that the newly installed device is configured and ready to use. I’ll have to check with Seagate technical support and find out whether his computer is too slow to use that component. That would be a real shame if that is the problem, but then again, that would be a good excuse, and who can’t use a good excuse, to buy a new computer.


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