Why do I blog?

Tom Simpson has tagged me as a part of the “Why do I blog?” meme that is circulating in the blogosphere.

Here’s my list.

    I want to share the things I discover online with others.

    I enjoy experimenting with my ability to put things on the web.

    I learn by playing with the technology I explore.

    Blogging allows me to share thoughts with others without overloading their inbox.

    I enjoy being surprised and sometimes embarrassed when I re-read the things I’ve posted before.

Now I am supposed to “tag” five other people, so here goes. “Tag, you’re it.”

Mike Neel

Jerry Pounds

David Steele

Colm Smyth

Gail Snyder


4 thoughts on “Why do I blog?

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  2. Tish

    Great list, Perry! I just got tagged by Mike. I’m excited about this one. Actually, I always enjoy these memes.

    Have a great night!

  3. Perry Post author

    LOL Sorry Mike.

    Tish, I’m glad you enjoy them. My reaction when I saw I had been tagged was similar to Mike’s. They seem like “busy work” to me, I’m afraid.


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