Learn about Net Neutrality

Spend the 10 minutes and 24 seconds it takes to watch this video for an excellent overview of what the issues are surrounding Net Neutrality. (Thanks to Paul Stamatiou for the link to the video.)


3 thoughts on “Learn about Net Neutrality

  1. Aires

    Thanks for the great video posting!

    I am actually leaving you this message because I saw that you had left a comment on “Two Ells » Ubuntu notes” page. I could not see any comment links on his page so I was wondering how you did it. [http://daryl.learnhouston.com/2006/12/21/ubuntu-notes/#comments]

    I wanted to contact him about his experience with the Ubuntu Edgy on his Vaio FS550 because I also have the same computer.

    Thanks for your help!


  2. Perry Post author

    Aries, I’m just tidying up here in this comment. As you know, I’ve already answered your comment by email on the 10th. However, just for any others who may wonder about why you couldn’t leave a comment on Daryl’s blog, I wanted to include my explanation from that email for their benefit. As I told you, “I believe Daryl has his blog set up in such a way that once a certain period of time has passed, it no longer accepts comments on those older posts. That seems a reasonable scheme to me since that’s where most blog spam is posted.”


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