Shutdown Day 2007

Details of this online experiment can be found at this site. It’s simple actually. The challenge is to go for one day without turning on your computer, and it’s planned for March 24th. A blogger who calls herself Moonair suggest 7 ways to prepare for it in this post which is pretty funny.

Actually I like the idea and plan to demonstrate my own ability to do it. Twenty-four hours without touching the keyboard, without finding out who has sent me email, without staring at the LCD screen, all of those things are both intriguing and terrifying and are things to which I have become accustomed, some would say even addicted. I do invest much of my time sitting in this chair and doing a variety of things, but all of them seem to involve having my hands on a keyboard or mouse and my eyes glued to a monitor, and all the while there are projects I need to do in my home, in my garden, with my car or with my so-called life outside of the online world. So on March 24th, I won’t be here. I’ll be residing in what I heard someone call the “meatspace.”

For all the benefits that being connected to the world through a computer has brought, with those has also come some losses. Going outside to play is one of them, and not just for kids. I welcome a chance to step away and take a breath.

Some of you may have concluded that I began this effort early, since it has now been more than a week since I made a post here on my blog. Sometimes I hit a wall like that where I just don’t have any urge to write about anything and so my blog sits fallow for that time. Those are sort of mini-vacations from blogging. I used to feel guilty about taking them but I’ve gotten over that now because I realize that you can survive without my words of wisdom for at least short periods periodically.

So what about it? Can you accept the challenge of Shutdown Day 2007 and spend one day without turning on your computer?


6 thoughts on “Shutdown Day 2007

  1. Jerry

    I don’t get it. Is this exercise being done to prove that millions of people who are addicted to their computers are not really addicted because they can go cold turkey for a day?

    I am having a problem seeing the point other than giving everybody something to rally around and break up the monotony of life its ownself.

  2. Michael Neel

    I see this as a good thing, even if the only point is to get someone to step away from the PC (or more to the truth, the Internet) for a day. The Internet is a social technology, but still a technology and it’s key to remember you can be social without the technology. Plus, those of us the own homes have things that we need to do to them as Perry mentions.

    That said, you’ll get my keyboard when you pry it from my cold dead hands.

  3. Juan

    Well March 24th will be a day I DO NOT give up the Internet. However, on the 25th I will leave it alone ALL DAY AND NIGHT. Some of these self-suggested days just need to be moved for convenience… Oh well.

    I will be interested to learn how your participating in this allows you to do those things in “meatspace” that seem to always loom.

  4. Perry Post author

    It was information guys, not recruiting. I’m going to be offline on the 24th. Feel free to do whatever you choose.

  5. Tom

    I think it’s a good experiment–having done many such experiments along this line recently. See what you notice about yourself and your routines.

    So, if we communicate that day, it must be by phone.

    I’ll reply to your e-mail later tonight.

  6. David Steele

    not me, I just practice doing what I like to do each day, and using the internet is part of my enjoyment – I may read a little, go outside and work on the house, have a martini and a cigar, maybe check some mail, maybe do a blog entry…whoe knows, but I do like to communicate and receive communication and on-line is a way to do that…….. so I have no interest in participating…..seems appropriate for those who are compulsive perhaps and need this type of structure to level set themselves….


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