Eighty-three and counting

Today is my pal Paul’s 83rd birthday. I want to wish him a Happy Birthday publicly here on my blog and to say I hope he has many more years of happiness there in his adopted home in Berlin.

Our friendship began when we were fellow members of an online writers’ group back in the Bulletin Board System days in the early 1990’s, even before the World Wide Web was invented. And it has continued during the ensuing almost 15 years through the regular exchange of emails, occasional face-to-face visits, and, since December of 2004, almost daily Skype calls.

Once when I sent him on a trip to New York, thanks to an abundance of frequent flyer points I had available, I told him we’d just refer to him as my “Uncle Paul” (because of my mistaken belief at the time that I could only share those points with members of my family). I’ve heard it said that “Friends are the family you choose.” So in a very real sense, he has become an adopted member of my family.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of him. Click on each image to display a larger version.

Paul and Maxe Paul in his Berlin neighborhood Paul and I are having Sunday brunch at Cafe Einstein during my trip to Berlin in 2003. The most recent picture of Paul with Dr. Richard Hartmann in the courtyard of that same Cafe Einstein in September of 2006.


4 thoughts on “Eighty-three and counting

  1. Jerry

    He seems to be in damn good shape for 83. I hope I am that robust at his age. It is a very nice sentiment you are expressing and I think it is commendable that you are this thoughtful.

    At the end of the day, all we really have of value are our friends and family and you appear to be someone who does not have to be told that.

    Congratulations to Paul, and I also wish him many, many more.

  2. Tish

    I hope Paul had a wonderful birthday! I think it’s adorable that his dog was with you in the restaurant!! 🙂

    Speaking of dogs, the docs are prepping Cruella for surgery as I type. They just called to tell me that she is doing well, and they will be calling again right after surgery. I’ll keep ya posted! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!

  3. Perry Post author

    Thanks on Paul’s behalf for your good wishes on his birthday. I think he did in fact have a good one, though he wasn’t looking forward to it simply because it is one step closer and that is a thought that is ever-present to him.

    In Germany, and Paul tells me throughout Europe, it is much more common to allow dogs into all manner of businesses, restaurants, and hotels, etc., than it is here in the states.

    My best wishes for Cruella’s surgery.


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