Ask, and Ye shall receive

The simple act of forming a question in order to ask it sometimes reveals the answer. And that is a meaning of Jesus’ saying, “Ask, and Ye shall receive,” that I had never thought about before.

Here’s what led to that insight.

This morning I wrote my friend Daryl Houston to ask for his help with a problem I was having at my Fun Addicts website. Daryl is not only a knowledgeable friend but a user of WordPress as well, and my problems were with how to accomplish creating navigation links to sub-pages on my Fun Addicts blog. I spent at least a half-hour formulating my question so that I gave Daryl all the information he’d need to be able to offer me some help. I gave him a link to the relevant page on the WordPress Codex site (the documentation for WordPress) and asked that he help me decipher the instructions listed there.

After sending my email to Daryl, I came back here to my own blog and experimented with creating a sub-page under the Software and Services link at the top of this page. To my amazement, the sub-page link showed up here. (Just hover your mouse over the Software and Services link above and you’ll see the results of my experiment.) That meant that the problem I was having at my Fun Addicts site was template specific. So I could fix that problem there by just changing the template on the FA site to one that supports the functionality I want.

Therefore I wrote Daryl a second time and did my best impersonation of Emily Litella and said, “never mind.” Just by asking, I had already received.


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