An interesting evening

Tonight I attended a gathering of a number of bloggers from here in Knoxville and the surrounding area at Calhoun’s on Kingston Pike. Glenn Reynolds was kind enough to post links to the blogs of those in attendance. The affair was surprisingly well-attended as we overran the table set aside for the fifteen that the instigator, Rich Hailey, had told them to expect, so I’d guess there were at least 25 or more folks there. It was a very civil gathering, I thought, despite the fact that a group of that size represented almost every variation of political, social and cultural perspective imaginable. I’m pleased to have met them, and I’ve added each of their blogs to my bookmarks so that I can read them periodically and learn more about them and their respective points of view as time goes on.

I had the pleasure of dining between Dr. Helen Smith, a.k.a. Mrs. Glenn Reynolds, on the one side and Ms. Lissa Kay, with whom I worked at ClientLogic a while back, on the other. In the two hours and forty-five minutes the group spent together we made cultured conversation and behaved quite respectably. Quite an achievement, if you ask me, for a group of such potentially disruptive forces in the community. Blogging, it seems, is alive and thriving well in Knoxville. Who would have imagined?

Update: Cathy McCaughan posted pictures of the event here.


10 thoughts on “An interesting evening

  1. Helen Smith

    Hi Perry,

    It was great meeting you last night. Is it such a shock that a group of bloggers acted respectably for over two hours? Uhh, maybe so. Look forward to the next meeting

  2. Cathy

    A commenter on Barry’s site asked why so many people in East TN blog. I could say southerneres are opinionated, but I’d rather say we’re social creatures. Being so social, I’m sure someone is already planning a spring gathering.

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  4. djuggler

    I think everyone is for another one. It really was a great time! I bet if logistics had permitted, some of this group could have talked into the wee hours of the morning.

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  6. Perry Post author

    Wow! The only post that has generated this many comments was the one I made on my 65th birthday. I guess I need to get out and meet other bloggers more often. 😉 Thanks to all of you who have commented.

    And yes, Helen, I was surprised that we didn’t erupt into controversy or dispute, since I think we have a diverse group with widely ranging opinions, but in reality I didn’t ever expect the evening to be anything but civil. Though we are bloggers, many of us are also Southerners and that sensibility often trumps everything else.

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