Tinkering again

As you can see, I’ve changed the theme (a.k.a. template) again. This time it was sort of out of necessity.

Today I upgraded my site to WordPress version 2.1 and thought I had everything working properly, but tonight when I visited Mike at work and saw this blog in Internet Explorer 6, I was horrified. The page displayed very differently and improperly in IE than it does in Firefox. (Note to self: When you make a change here, always check that change in IE too.)

So I came home and looked for themes that worked with version 2.1 of WordPress and with Internet Explorer. This current theme seems to meet both those requirements. Additionally, it does something that Juan asked for earlier, which is that it widens the column of the text for each entry, which I tend to like too. I think I would prefer that the sidebar were on the left rather than the right, simply because I’ve made several references to that exact positioning of it in some previous entries, but if I have to I can live with this arrangement. On the other hand, maybe I’ll be able to tweak the CSS or template so that the sidebar falls on the left, but I’ll leave that task for later.

I’m going to go with this template for a week or so (at least), make whatever adjustments to it that I can, and explore whether I like it this way, and again try find out what your reaction to it is. Feel free to contribute your opinions, whether they are positive or negative. Also I’d be interested in knowing your impressions of the time it takes the site to load, given your connection speed.

Thanks for any feedback you care to provide and for tolerating my juggling things around. You know what they say. The only thing that is permanent is change.


2 thoughts on “Tinkering again

  1. Juan

    Thanks for tinkering… it is easier for me to read. BTW, in IE7 things look fine. I really enjoyed your small audio clip of the 1975 Fun Addicts that you posted. I smiled several times and it was obvious the audience enjoyed this piece. It just goes to show, “hard work does pay off” and thanks to modern technology can be saved and shared easily and “forever!!”

  2. Perry Post author

    I’m pleased it is easier for you to read, and thanks for the feedback on IE7.

    I’m also glad you enjoyed our “performance.” We had a lot of fun doing them.


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