Scoble’s tour of Intel Fab

In this 40 minute video, Robert Scoble is given a tour of Intel’s fabrication facility in Hillsboro, OR., where Mark Bohr explains the process and discusses the new 45 nm processor that Intel is developing. My thanks to Mr. Scoble for making it possible for me to embed the video here on my blog.

Videos such as this provide an excellent way to get an education about technological subjects such as this while requiring little more effort than a willingness to sit passively and pay attention as you watch.


2 thoughts on “Scoble’s tour of Intel Fab

  1. Jerry

    Your interest in this type of subject is fascinating to me. I would rather be beaten with a stick than have to endure another description of manufacturing technology–something I was over exposed to as a consultant.

    I think it is a sign of extraordinary intellect.
    My brightest friends seem to be interested in the intracacies of systems and processes.

  2. Perry Post author

    I understand your being satiated with exposure to this kind of tour and explanation. I was exposed to a lot of it too during my BSI years and even to some extent during my Vernine and Associates years. I guess the fact that I left BSI after only about 8 years helped me to maintain my fascination with how such things work.

    I’m not sure my fascination with this demonstrates any greater intellect than your preoccupation with the most complex of all systems — people. As absorbed as I am in technology, I no longer find understanding and/or trying to explain to myself and others why people do what they do and what that implies about how I should respond to them at all worth my time.

    My life seems to have fallen into two distinct periods. The first, essentially my working life was in the area that you still find interesting, and a second period, since the early 80s and my introduction to computers, where I became fascinated with technology, science and gadgets. During both periods I was woefully ill-equipped and under-educated about the subject. But, of course, my lack of adequate preparation didn’t prevent me from holding forth as if I knew what I was talking about in either situation. 😉


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