The kids are back home

Yavapai Point Buck

Originally uploaded by Dr Reelgood.

Mike, Cheryl and Connor traveled to Arizona over this last weekend because Cheryl, who works for Morgan Stanley, had a meeting in Scottsdale on Monday. They went out early so they could travel down to the Grand Canyon on a mini-vacation and sight-seeing tour. Of course, one of Mike’s objectives was to do some photography.

The picture at the right was captured at Yavapai Point with the last available amount of memory on the flash card he had in the camera. As he was walking back to his car, this multi-point buck passed by close enough that Mike was able to get this shot without the telephoto lens. And just after he shot it and was about to shoot another, the camera flashed the news that he was out of memory. Although he had another flash card with him in the car (I had loaned him one of my 1 GB flash cards for the trip), he couldn’t get the new one into the camera quickly enough for any more shots of the deer. But the one he got was spectacular.

In the event you want to see the other pictures he took of the Grand Canyon, they should begin appearing on his Flickr site either later today or perhaps tomorrow. I’m sure this photo was posted this morning at 4:13 a.m. at least in part as a way of letting me know they had gotten home safely and to alert me to how late they got in. They flew back to Tennessee last night, landing in Nashville, and then apparently drove from Nashville back to Knoxville, finally crashing into bed only a bit earlier than the time I was waking up. I’m glad to know they are back and safe. And I can hardly wait to see the rest of the pictures he took of the spectacular scenery in that part of the country.


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