A poetry reading

My friend Daryl Houston details the events leading up to tonight’s get together at the library here in West Knoxville. I’m looking forward to exchanging performances with him of reading poetry aloud to each other.

My point in our exchange last week was that I’ve always thought that many people don’t care for poetry because they have experienced it primarily by reading it to themselves sub-vocally, when, for me at least, it is most enjoyable when hearing it read aloud or even better when reading it aloud yourself. I tend to think of poetry as analogous to verbal music. He immediately, of course, proved me wrong by giving an example or two of poems that weren’t musical at all, and so I can no longer claim that all poetry fits my pontification about it. Still, I believe that many poems are best experienced audibly.

If we are fortunate enough (and maybe brave enough) to capture a recording of some of what we do, and if he is open to my doing so, I may share it with you in an audio post later in the week.


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