The Fun Addicts dot com

Back in the late 1970s while I was still a member of the S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A., Inc. (now called the Barbershop Harmony Society), I was privileged to be a member of a quartet called the Fun Addicts. Bob Wilson (tenor), Forrest Umberger (lead), and Phil Petty (bass) were the other members. We sang together all over the country for only about three years, but we used to have great times together.

A long time ago, I registered the domain name and attempted to create a web page to hawk the copies of our CDs that Phil had had put together from old tapes that he had of our performances and a few of our practices. Those web pages suffered from the problem many personal web sites do; they were largely static and required a lot of work to try to keep fresh. Eventually, they became rusty due to a lack of traffic and, like a scene from an old western movie, virtual tumbleweeds rolled down their streets (pages) because even the former residents abandoned them.

So as we fast forward to today and factor in my experience in maintaining a blog for almost 5 years now, on Friday I decided to convert that domain to a blog for our group where the four of us can recount some of our memories from our time together and post them there. So far it is just getting off the ground, but I wanted to mention it here, in the event you’d like to read it. I can promise that it won’t be dedicated to technology, as this blog primarily is, but will be lighter fare. And to illustrate that, I’d invite you to read about “the night I achieved immortality.”


4 thoughts on “The Fun Addicts dot com

  1. Perry Post author

    Funny you should ask. I added the podcasting module to the WP installation last night. And I pulled out one of our CDs to review and maybe rip one or more of the songs from it. So the answer is yes, maybe.

    There were originally 2 CDs and I can only find one of them. The other one had the better music in my opinion, so I’d like to locate that one, but I may consider adding something as a podcast on that site soon. Thanks for asking.

    Update: Your wish is my command. Listen here.

  2. Darrell Beasey


    Congratulations on resurrecting the FunAddicts site to a new blog. I checked out your podcast and thoroughly enjoyed the excerpts you chose from the 1975 performance. To me, the songs and the comedic skits you included are as fresh and entertaining as the night you performed them. It is obvious in your group’s performance how much fun you were having doing those numbers.
    Thanks for sharing this.



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