With apologies to David Bowie, I’ve made a few “ch-ch-ch-changes” just for variety’s sake. I’ll probably let the site stay like this for a while to see how I like it and how you react to it. Feel free to comment, pro or con, in the comments to this post. I can always revert to the previous theme if I decide that’s what I want to do, but for the moment I sort of like the cleaner look. The fact that the pages are listed across the top will allow me to eliminate the pages section currently in the sidebar at the left. So, we’ll see what the feedback is.

4 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. Juan

    I like the look… it is cleaner, looks more professional from a business standpoint (not that this is your purpose). However, it looks to me like the font size is reduced and those of us with glasses needed to magnify the page about 20% to increase its readability.

    BTW, glad to see the experimentation. I am always learning by reading your site.

    Just Juan in a million’s opinion.

  2. Perry Post author

    Thanks for the observations Juan, and yes, you are certainly “Juan in a Million.” 😉

    I’ve increased the font size of my posts by two pixel size (from 11px to 13px) and while I was at it, I reduced font size of the Navigation links (to other pages) at the top from 22px to 18px, since in my opinion they were too large.

    Better or not noticeable?

  3. Juan

    Nice improvement.

    Is there any way to widen this column or the whole page? By doing so you can increase the size of the text further? I ask since it only because I use I.E.7 and the document only uses about 2/3rds of the page width.

  4. Perry Post author

    I’ll investigate, but I don’t think I have control over the width of the column, and if that’s true I’m hesitant to increase the font more right now.

    Although I hate to have to suggest a workaround, it’s one I use frequently when I encounter text too small for me to read comfortably. If you press Ctrl +, that will increase the displayed font size and each succeeding press of that key combination will increase it another step. As you might suspect, Ctrl – reverses the process.


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