What’s Opera Doc?

The highlight of my boyhood Saturday afternoons at the movies (price of admission about $0.25) wasn’t the cowboy movie or the Tarzan flick that was at the top of the bill; it was the cartoon! Who’d have ever thought I’d be able to add a classic one, such as this, to my blog!?

Link courtesy of my eagle-eyed friend Paul Moor.


2 thoughts on “What’s Opera Doc?

  1. Perry Post author

    I’m glad you enjoyed the cartoon, Bowen. I’m sure you remember those Saturday afternoons at the movies and hearing all the children’s cheers when the cartoon came on, just as I do.

    As to my “ability” to transmit this, that really is nothing more than copying and pasting a couple of lines of the code I found elsewhere on the Internet into the blog entry. It’s just a link back to where the file is hosted, in this case on this video hosting site. My reference to my surprise that I’d be “able” to host a classic cartoon like this on my blog was more about that it would be available than that I’d have any special skill in doing it. But thanks for your comment and for letting me know you still check in here from time to time.


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