All-in-one printers

My friend, Juan Gutierrez, asked last night “what is the best all-in-one printer to buy,” and I gave him the best advice I have probably ever given. I said, “you should ask someone who knows.

Seriously, I told him that I really don’t have any experience with these devices and I gave him some general advice about researching the issue, but then I realized I could also tap into the expertise of those of you who read this blog and invite you to comment on Juan’s question. I’m sure his concern is to balance the best quality with the best price, or at least that would be my goal if I were asking the question.

As background, he has some personal experience with the HP D-135 all-in-one printer that his former company recommended he get for his home office, so in a very real sense he is more an expert than I. However, he did not mention in his initial email why he needs a new one, whether the old one doesn’t work or whether he is just interested in more and better features. Juan, if you’ll comment on this post, you can expand on your reasons for upgrading and perhaps that would help other commenters give you better advice.

Okay, folks. Share you expertise please. If you were going to buy an all-in-one printer (printer, copier, scanner, and fax), which one would you buy and why?


6 thoughts on “All-in-one printers

  1. Juan

    I am looking for a new AIO since my D135 no longer works for scanning or copying, though it works great in receiving faxes and printing. The “bed” does not move and thus the item on the glass can not be scanned. I went through all the possible casues of this problem, visited several websites for more suggestions and the result was that it needs to be repaired.

    It is about 5 years old, and since I got a new digital camera, I want it to work better with this new equipment. I hope this helps in what I am seeking. In short an AIO, mostly for printing BW, sometimes color or photos, and easy to use.

  2. Juan

    Puchased and HP 7310. Pros: It has a smaller footprint than the HP D135 it replaced, has slots for use with new digital camera, is very fast and the quality of the copies is great. Cons: it took 4 plus hours to load the software on two computers!! It locked up, it failed to recognize the network, it even had errors when opening up its own files. Whew!! I was warned about this–and it came true. However, now that it is set-up it is working perfectly.

  3. Perry Post author

    Thanks for the update. Sorry that the legions of readers of my blog 😉 didn’t come to your aid in suggesting a choice for you, but ultimately that sort of thing is best chosen based on your own preferences anyway. Glad to hear you survived the battle with installing the software for it and that it is working properly now. Now you are set for another 5 years I guess.

  4. Jane Hascall

    Sorry to be several days late if not dollars short. I have had an HP psc2210 all in one for three+ years and am very happy with it. No problems, great quality in color as well as b&w and has slots for digital camera download. It faxes, it scans, it prints, it copies. Etc.

  5. Perry Post author

    Jane, thanks for your note. I expected your last line to read, “It faxes, it scans, it prints, it copies, it crawls on its belly like a reptile.” 😉

  6. Jane Hascall

    Ah, how many people–other than you, Perry–would remember that line from one of my favorite David Bromberg songs, “Sharon”? Not many, I’d wager. We are talking the 60’s here! It’s obvious that “the same rowdy crowd that was here last night is back again.”


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