I don’t go to the movies much any more, and certainly not with the frequency I did as a child when you could get into a movie for $0.25.  Usually I wait until a movie comes out on DVD and, if I am really interested, I rent and watch it.  And no, I’m not such a movie fan that I have a Netflix account.  However, I have a friend or two who are really movie buffs and who like to see the movies as soon as they come out.  Tom is one such friend, and he and I plan to attend a movie this coming Saturday afternoon as a way to celebrate the holidays together. 

When we agreed by email this morning to see The Pursuit of Happyness together, he mentioned that he would check to see when and where it was playing locally.  That caused me to recall a web service I had discovered previously but had forgotten about, I guess because I go to the moves so infrequently.  The service is Fandango.  All you need to do to see what is playing is enter your zip code into the search box and click go. 

If that’s all the information you want or need, then you can stop there.  However, you can purchase tickets online for a specific performance if you wish, and they also offer other services such as Fandango Bucks, that you can print out if you would like to give a trip to see a movie as a gift.  Here is what the email for one of those looks like.  Even for someone like me who goes to the movies only about once a year, if that often, this is yet another example of the wonderful things that being connected through the world wide web makes possible. 


4 thoughts on “Movies

  1. Michael Neel

    I like thinking of Fandango by a quote from Robot Chicken: “Fandango, why not add a buck to the price of your ticket?”

    Not all theaters are in Fandango, KnoxNews is my choice to see what’s playing… just avoid clicking on anything labeled “Pickle”

  2. Michael Neel

    Betsy Pickle… the movie critic for the sentinel… She once commented that it was distracting in a cartoon when characters have large eyes; she was reviewing an anime movie.

  3. Perry Post author

    Oh, thanks for the reminder. I’ve heard of her before, but I base few, if any, decisions about what to see on what the so-called “professional reviewers” say. Often the things they like, I don’t and vice versa.


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