My son, Mike, chastised me, quite rightly, in a comment he left to my last post, pointing out that I hadn’t made any posts here since the 21st. As I explained to him in my response, just because I’m not posting to this blog that doesn’t mean that I am not posting to the web. In fact, I often post quite a bit more, though less original content, on my the blog at my Bloglines account that I call “My Reading List.”

If you’ll notice the calendar at the left on that blog, you’ll see a couple of chevrons (<<) that permit you to go back to a previous month. Each underlined date is a link to my posts to that blog on the underlined date. So if I should again fall into the trap of not posting regularly enough for you on this blog (as I sometimes do), try checking out My Reading List. (Also please note, a link to that blog is contained in my Blogroll which is also in the sidebar to the left on this page.)


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