An interview with Jane Baxter

Back on November 6th of 2004, I traveled back to Stone Mountain, GA, to attend a family reunion of the Baxter branch of my family (my mother’s maiden name was Baxter) where I was privileged to meet a member of the family I hadn’t met before, Jane Baxter (pictured at the left).  I described that visit in a blog post at the time.  Since then, I’ve wanted to do an interview of Jane about the business that she has started, and at long last on this past Saturday, Jane and I got together by phone to do that.  The audio blog post that you can listen to below contains the edited result of that interview. 

One of the things that Jane said in an email to me after we talked seems memorable to me, and I wanted to share it with you.  She said,

The synchronicity of meeting you via the family gathering is in line with my belief that everything in life happens for a reason.

Jane is a sincere and interesting person that I think you’ll enjoy hearing as she describes the company she is developing and the services she provides through it.  Jane gives her phone number and email address during the interview for anyone who might like to contact her, but so that it’s easier to find I want to list it here in these notes.   You can reach her at:

Roots and Branches Productions
Telephone: 615 262 9076
Email: getbax (at)

After getting the “meat” of this audio post, I went in search of music that I thought might be a fitting accompaniment to it, and I was delighted to find a couple of songs, “Angels for Each Other” and “Lovingkindness,” from an album called “Free This Love” by Cynthia Rylander Crossen.  Ms. Crossen has made these songs available under this Creative Commons License, so they are legal for use in this post.   I encourage you to check the link to the album and download the MP3 versions of these songs or of the entire album.  Here’s what Ms. Crossen says about the album:

Feel This Love was created by Cynthia Rylander Crossen for healing through song. These rounds, songs, and chants about love and connection hope to inspire, enliven, comfort, and bring a sense of peace to the listener, to heal hurts, illness, and fears. Feel This Love was produced by the Community Music Project.

I hope you enjoy listening to this audio blog post.


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