The aftermath

Since Mike has reported on the content of what we covered at last night’s KnoxBloggers meeting and Tish has shared her impressions of it, all that remains for me is to upload the pictures.

While my photography may not be the greatest, at least these pictures document the event and those present (at least those present at the time the pictures were taken; Cicelie came in later).  From left to right in this photo, you’ll find Maja, Mike and Tish.  Sorry Tish that I got you with your eyes closed, and Maja I apologize for the fact that the flash didn’t seem to reach you, but such things happen when the photographer is an amateur.

Lidia had a chance to pose for her photograph, since I missed her in the other one.  Also she got the benefit of the full flash saturation, so congratulations Lidia on being so photogenic. 

I’ll also add a brief comment to what Mike posted about what we covered. 

One of the things we did while talking about blogging was to set up a blog at Blogger and one at, just to demonstrate how one would do that.  Since most of us already had some experience with using Blogger and fewer of the group knew much about, we issued invitations to those present to get an account (username and password) at so they could make some practice posts on the demonstration blog we set up there.  While says there is no limit to the number of blogs you can create, it made more sense to avoid littering the landscape with individual test blogs and to concentrate our efforts on one blog.  One advantage of this strategy, it seems to me, is that if several of us are blogging together we can provide each other feedback or help when problems are encountered. 

I want to encourage those of you who received invitations to the demo site to go ahead and get your account at so that you can begin to experiment.  And I’d like to invite you to ask Mike or me if you have any questions about what you are doing there.  We’ll be glad to try to answer or help you find an answer to your questions, if we don’t know. 


One thought on “The aftermath

  1. Tish

    It’s great that you were able to get some photos! I’ll bring my camera next time. I’ll give you the scoop on WordPress in the next few days! 🙂


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