Balloon Festival follow up

The Pellissippi State Balloon Festival turned out to be little more than a bunch of hot air.  Mother Nature did not cooperate; it drizzled rain most of the night.  The advertised Balloon Glow did not occur.  Only two of the balloons were inflated at all on the first evening of the event, and because they were tethered to the ground, they never got more than a couple of hundred feet off the ground at most.  The nice lake beside which the event was scheduled was apparently the happy hunting ground for all the mosquitos in Knox county.  All-in-all the event turned out to be disappointing.  It was a nice idea that just didn’t turn out as well as Mike and I had hoped it would.

On the positive side, I got to spend a bit of time with my son.  We wisely left Connor at home with his mother, and as it turns out, he wouldn’t have had any fun with us at the event anyway. 

This morning it is raining, so today’s events aren’t likely to be any better than last night’s.  So we have decided not to return for day two of the event.  No one is really at fault for the fizzle that this outing turned out to be, unless we want to blame Mother Nature.  Maybe next year, or maybe I’ll just have to follow through on my wish to visit Albuquerque for their big Balloon Festival in October one of these years.


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