KnoxBloggers ride again

Tonight at 7:00 p.m. the KnoxBloggers group will meet for the second time at Mike Neel’s home (directions available upon request), and we’ll have the pleasure of meeting John Fields, who will speak to us on the subject of Podcasting.  John does a regular podcast on the subject of College Football.  In preparation for attending tonight, I listened to his most recent podcast and was impressed.  John does a nice job of giving one man’s opinion of the big games of the upcoming weekend, gives his prediction about the likely winners of some important games, and discusses the implications of all those games on the national standings.  Like anyone else who makes predictions about the future, he is fallible, but he has a reasoned basis for his predictions, so he can be forgiven for not being perfect about predicting the future.  I appreciated hearing a show like this that isn’t just another call-in show for fans.

I have one specific issue that I’m interested in getting John to answer tonight and that is how one sets up iTunes to carry the podcast and what is entailed with that.  The podPress plugin I have for my WordPress blog has the provision for making the podcast available through iTunes, but I haven’t yet set it up to do that because I knew this event was coming up and I wanted to wait to hear from someone who has done it before tackling it.  Maybe John will show me how he has set his up, and what if any limitations doing that imposes on him.  In any event I am looking forward to meeting him and hearing what he has to say.  I would encourage you to join us if you are in the area, are a blogger, or have an interest in podcasting. 


2 thoughts on “KnoxBloggers ride again

  1. Perry Post author

    Good to see you paraphrased the classic wisdom, “RTFM.” I agree that until you’ve done that, you can’t really claim you are seeking an answer. However sometimes thoughtful people raise questions as much to facilitate speakers’ presentations as to discover answers.


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