Observations about yesterday’s post

As you can tell from the couple of updates I made to yesterday’s post, there were some glitches initially.  I found that using the tracking component of the podPress plugin caused a glitch with the player and resulted in people’s getting an “error loading file” message.  In fact, I got that myself after having turned on that tracking.  So I’ve abandoned using that feature and will for any future podcasts I post (which I hope won’t take another year).  I also think this glitch with the tracking may be related to the fact that both yesterday and today I was unable to reach the podPress site, even though the link I posted to it is correct.  Since the tracking relies on that site, that’s probably why that wasn’t working (though I admit that is just a guess).

A second thing I discovered was that the podPress player doesn’t “travel” with my feed that is aggregated on the KnoxBloggers site.  So I suppose I’ll have to always include the alternate strategy of creating an M3U file (which is simply a playlist file that points to the location of the podcast on my website) in posts so that anyone who wants to listen to the podcast from KnoxBloggers will be able to do so.  As it turns out, that is a good backup in case someone can’t use the player for whatever reason, so that’s probably a good practice anyway.

Blogging is all about experimenting anyway.  Even the failures illustrate something and help me learn how to get around roadblocks. 

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