A podcast commemorating 9/11

Although there will be many tributes and commemorations of the events of 9/11 today, I wanted to use the occasion to get back to podcasting and to test a couple of new tools I’ve found. The first is a plugin for WordPress called podPress that makes it easier for me to add a podcast to my blog posts and the other is Hot Recorder, mentioned previously, that permits me to record Skype conversations.

Since my 82-year-old friend, Paul Moor, moved back to Berlin in 1995, he and I have kept in regular contact by email, I’ve visited him at his home for a couple of weeks in 2003, and since December of 2004, we have talked almost daily by Skype. And ever since we gained the ability to have those Skype conversations, I’ve wished I had been able to record them all, because he frequently recounts stories of the people he has known and the events he has experienced during his long life both here in the U. S. and in Germany. He is a most interesting man whom I am proud to call my friend.

As we were talking the other day, he began to reflect on a documentary he had recorded the previous evening and reviewed just before we talked. I captured his moving description of that documentary and his reactions to it, and I thought it an appropriate bit of material for a podcast paying tribute to the emotion that many of us feel on this fifth anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. So I have made his comments the focus of the podcast that is attached to this post. Also included is a song by the Turtle Creek Chorale whose music I find especially moving and appropriate for this podcast.

If all goes as planned, you should be able to click on the player below and listen to the podcast.

Update: A couple of people have reported that clicking on the player below is saying “error opening file.” I’m working on a solution and will post it when I’ve resolved it.

Update #2: Here’s an alternate link that will open the file in the application on your system designed to play MP3 files. If the player doesn’t work for you, try the alternate link.


2 thoughts on “A podcast commemorating 9/11

  1. Darrell Beasey

    Hi Perry,

    Nice to “hear” you again. It’s been quite some time since your last podcast. Good job and everything worked just fine for me.

    I enjoyed hearing your friend Paul’s view on his recent review of the 9/11 material, as well as the impact it had on him these five years since. Sunday night, I watched the documentary filmed at by the two brothers at one of the NY firehouses and the unexpected footage they captured that awful day. I was moved, as well, by some of the scenes I did not recall ever seeing in all the footage that originally followed for weeks after.

    Suffice to say, we should never forget what real evil looms in this sometimes crazy, but great, world we live in.


  2. Perry Post author

    Thanks for your comments, Darrell. I’m pleased to know you are still checking on the site, and I agree that the tragedy and bravery of that day should never be forgotten.



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