KnoxBloggers website now live

On the 24th of last month, I blogged, prematurely it turns out, about the website, called KnoxBloggers, that Daryl and Mike and to a much lesser extent I were creating for our group of bloggers here in Knoxville. The problem was that we were trying out a variety of different looks and features and hadn’t yet settled on the ones we liked best. However, we’ve now reached consensus on such things, and last night we took down the temporary page and opened the doors.

Although we welcome visitors from anywhere, our primary goal is to invite bloggers here in the Knoxville area to join our group and contribute to our discussions and explorations of the various tools, services, and sites that bloggers use to do what they do. So whether you are just curious about what we’ve put together or are a local blogger who thinks you might want to consider joining us, go over to KnoxBloggers and take a look around. Here’s what’s on tap for our next get together on the 20th of this month.

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