Are you a collector?

The other morning while I was out shopping for groceries, my friend Juan Gutierrez emailed me, asking for advice about a cheap (or free) database program that his wife, Cindy, could use to keep track of the books she reads. (She reads about one book a day. Wow!) Cindy has been keeping track of them in an Excel spreadsheet over the last year or so, but that has become burdensome and not flexible enough for her needs.

When I got back from my shopping trip, I began searching for a tool that might meet Juan’s requirements, but before I could get back to him with a suggestion, I got another message from him saying that he had received a recommendation from another friend. I took at look at that recommended program and found that it appeared to be ideal for his needs. The site Juan’s other friend recommended is

After reviewing it, I communicated with Juan to say that I agreed with that recommendation because this tool is already built to do what he wants and is relatively inexpensive ($39.95). It seems to be just what he was looking for. I also explored the MP3 Collector database, downloaded the 15 day trial copy and installed it. As a part of the initial installation, I allowed MP3 Collector to search my hard disk for recognized file types (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, APE (monkey audio), FLAC and WAV files) and after that initial search discovered that it had found 2102 files, including all my sound files that I’ve downloaded through the years from the Internet as well as all my trial podcasts (in MP3 format). My initial reaction to this tool is that it is delightfully efficient at doing what it is designed to do. It offers many of the functions that I’d want to do with it, such as searching for files, categorizing files by genre, editing tags, printing lists, and exporting the catalog. I may have to wait to purchase a license until I can afford to do that, but I suspect it will become a part of my arsenal eventually.

If you are a collector of music (CDs), movies, books, comics, games, MP3s or photos, you might want to give it a trial run.

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