A new page about software and services

Those of you who use Internet Explorer may not notice, because of the way IE displays my template, that I have added a new page to this website. (That’s a source of consternation for me that I haven’t yet resolved, but that’s another story.) So let me call your attention to it by linking to it here. It’s listed in the sidebar on the left where it is called Software and Services. On this new page, I have listed a number of pieces of software and some web services that I use and enjoy. I have provided links to them all, and as my time permits, I may go back and elaborate more on each of them, but for now I just wanted to get the list up here so that I can refer you to it should the occasion arise when I am making posts.

I have not enabled comments on that new page, because I don’t want to get into a “mine is better than yours” series of posts. It’s just there if you care to look at it, and if you don’t or if you feel an evangelistic religious zeal about your own tools, then more power to you. Feel free to post a similar list on your web site if you want to. You are, of course, welcome to write to me at talktoperry @ gmail.com, if you have questions that you think I might be able to answer for you about one of these tools. However, let me emphasize that this is not an offer to do tech support for them. 😉

You’ll notice that I have divided the list into three basic groups. First, I have listed software that is free, as in it doesn’t cost money, not as in freedom to modify and distribute it. (I may add a section having to do with free software in that sense at a later date. At the moment I’m too much of a novice at Linux to begin pontificating on it.) I would point out that the authors of these free software tools would, in almost all cases, welcome a gift of money to support their work, if you appreciate using one of these tools, but they don’t require it before you can use it or in order to permit you to continue using it.

The second section of this new page relates to web services that I find useful, and I think it pretty much speaks for itself.

Finally, there is a list of non-free software, as in you’re going to eventually have to pay money for it if you continue to use it. Most of these programs, though, offer trial versions that you can use for a period of time to make sure it meets your needs before you flop down your credit card.

I hope you find this list of software and services helpful.

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