Ball = rolling

First Daryl then Mike summarized their impressions and assessment of last night’s meeting of the Knoxville Bloggers group, so there’s no point in my posting a “me, too” post about that, although if I did post anything, that is essentially what I would say. I had fun at the meeting and am ready to attend the next one, if/when it occurs. I expect I’ll continue to learn from the others and maybe even be inspired to extend my vision of what role my blog may play in the “great scheme of things” because of these associations. So all-in-all, last night left me with a good feeling and the impression that we got off to a good start.

Today, things moved forward fairly swiftly.

As Mike noted, we’ve begun using the tag, knoxblog, to identify other blogs here in the area so we can be aware of what other local bloggers are saying and paying attention to. And that practice has already paid off for me. As I was reading one of those newly-identified blogs, the appropriately-named Knoxville Blog with the great tagline “my thoughts on our scruffy little city,” I followed a link recommended in Victor‘s July 27th post to For current residents and maybe especially for former residents who’ve left at least a part of their heart here, this website in the style of The Onion will prove to be a source of considerable amusement.

Because our group needed a home on the web, we registered and Daryl began setting up a website there that will aggregate individual posts such as this in the future. So if you’d like to keep up with what the group is doing, add Knox Bloggers to your surfing habits or better yet subscribe to its RSS feed. The ball is definitely rolling now. Let’s hope that our “tribe” increases in coming months. This could be fun.

Update: After some discussions with both Mike and Daryl, they’ve convinced me that because we are still working on this site, it would be better to delay sending you there until it is “ready for prime time.” If you’d like to be notified when we are ready for visitors, send us an email at reminders @ and we’ll let you know that the doors are open for visitors. My apologies to you for my “irrational exuberance” and the premature announcement. But stay tuned.

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2 thoughts on “Ball = rolling

  1. Daryl

    Quite a lot of work to do yet on the site. I wouldn’t advise visiting just yet, as things are very likely to be broken, content is likely to disappear as I test things, etc.


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