Building a community

Thanks to Mike Neel, a community of Knoxville Bloggers has been created on orkut, a Google social networking service.  His goal, apparently, is to make it easy for us bloggers in Knoxville to coordinate our activities and meetings and to benefit from sharing what we know and what we want to learn. 

Orkut is a by-invitation-only service, so you can’t just go there and join.  However, if you are a local blogger or interested in becoming one and would like an invitation, please drop me an email at the address in the sidebar on the left, and I’ll be glad to issue you one.  I’ve resisted participating in such social networking services in the past and have only joined two because of invitations I received from friends.  Besides orkut, I joined PeopleAggregator at the invitation of my friend Tom Simpson of Webfeed Central.  So far, it appears that PeopleAggregator is still trying to find its way, and I’m still trying to determine what the benefit of participating there is.  The orkut community of Knoxville Bloggers, by contrast, was created because there was a corresponding group in this community that wanted to coordinate its activities through that online community.  I’m still evaluating the benefit of such social networking sites, though I acknowledge that many, many other people have made them all the rage.  Stay tuned.  I’m sure I’ll be commenting further as time passes.

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