Hermits gather, eye monthly conventions

The title of this post might be the headline if the Knoxville News Sentinel chose to cover the August 23rd meeting at 7:00 PM in South Knoxville of the nascent Knox Bloggers group.  Bloggers, after all, are a solitary breed, eschewing as they do associating even with editors, so the secondary goal of determining whether to meet on a monthly basis is a bit like skiing uphill.  Still the first gathering could prove interesting enough to warrant a return engagement.  It, I suppose, remains to be seen.

An initial invitation has gone out to a magnificent seven bloggers in the area, and the group is open to others attending.  If you have an interest in attending this first (and possibly one-time) event, just drop me an email, and I’ll be glad to supply directions. 

The agenda for this first gathering will be to discuss some tools and techniques bloggers use and maybe learn something from each other that we didn’t already know.  Mike Neel will discuss using Flickr and Picasa Web for photo sharing and how to get photos to your blog.  Daryl Houston, a local employee of Flock, will discuss Flock in all its wondrous amazement and glory.  And yours truly will discuss how to do a video blog, the tools to make the video and how to share it.  We expect the discussion to be lively and wide-ranging if prior gatherings of portions of this group are any indication. 

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2 thoughts on “Hermits gather, eye monthly conventions

  1. Colm Smyth

    If the other bloggers are even half as well informed and opinionated about the internet as you, it should make for an interesting and fun gathering – just don’t let laptops and other gadgets get in the way of some good conversation. I wish you a pleasant evening, hopefully the first of more to come.


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