Nice new feature at Google Videos

The day before yesterday, Google Videos added a feature that I like a lot. They’ve now made it possible for you to specify an exact location inside a video that you’d like to reference if you send a link to the video. By adding a time marker that points to the spot in the video that you want your friend to see when they follow the link, the video will start at that point. They say …

All you have to do is add the time you’d like to share to the end of a video’s URL. We support hours (h), minutes (m), and seconds (s).

Official Google Video Blog

Here is one example that they use to illustrate it, and I might add I found it to be an interesting example as well. To illustrate the idea, I’ll leave the entire url so you can see the format but also make it a link so you can click it to watch the video.

The part I found particularly interesting actually begins at 39 minutes and 0 seconds. Here is how you’d change the URL to specify that location.

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