Please, pardon my vanity


Originally uploaded by CaptQuirk.

Sharon Norris, who with her husband Jonnie and her mother Earline, accompanied Carole and me on our Alaska cruise in May of this year, took this picture of me while the ship was visiting Glacier Bay, Alaska, on May 24, 2006. I have cropped the original picture she took because it is the most flattering one of me I think I have ever seen, particularly since I have reached this advanced age (64). I really like it, and despite the fact that it reveals my vanity, I wanted to share it here on my blog. A thousand thanks, Sharon.

My God! what a handsome devil you are Perry! 😉


3 thoughts on “Please, pardon my vanity

  1. Juan

    Great picture. You are aging WELL!!! BTW, this is the same handsome person I have known for 30 years–this is just a more flattering photo.


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