Handy Backup gets my thumbs up

After reading Tom Simpson’s post about Handy Backup, I downloaded it for the 30 day free trial period and put it through its paces.  After only 5 days of that evaluation period, I have determined that it meets my needs quite nicely.  I was able to set it up and backup my data to my web hosting service without any problem.  Afterwards, I tested whether I was able to restore the backup to my own computer, and I was.  Being able to restore, is, of course, an essential function. 

This software automates the process of backing up and takes care of it on a schedule that I determine.  Automation is/was an important element for me.  I’ve long known, as we all have, that backing up is important and something that needed to be done.  However, somehow doing the backup was always out there in the future for me, and it never seemed to get done in my case.  You may have experienced the same thing.  If so, I’d recommend you evaluate this software and take some action before you discover one morning that your computer won’t boot up and the digital pictures or music you’ve downloaded are gone.  After all, even we “home users” have things on our computer that we wouldn’t want to lose.

Although I chose to use the FTP option for my backups (mostly because I don’t have a DVD burner on my computer), Handy Backup offers a variety of possible backup scenarios.  If you have a DVD burner, you could use that.  Also you can backup to CD and the program will intelligently span multiple CDs if the backup is too large to fit on one of them. 

After doing an initial complete backup, it will backup only those files that have changed since the last back up.  That first backup of all the important data takes a long time, but subsequent ones go much more quickly because they are only backing up files that have changed since the last backup.  To understand how it works, check out this Interactive Tour.

If you are wise enough to learn from someone else’s near-miss disaster, please use this Initialization Number in making your purchase: REF7DKT64297TRM7.  Also see this link for a special offer that will permit you to purchase this software for only $5. 

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