No new computer … yet

Thanks to Tom Simpson’s long-distance diagnosis of the problem I was having yesterday, I was able to restore my computer to functioning.  It was simply a matter of having loosened the connection of the IDE cable where it is plugged into the motherboard that was the source of my problem.  Tom said he had had the same experience before and suggested that I make sure it was seated properly.  Once I did that, the computer booted properly.  So thanks, yet again, Tom for saving my bacon.

I am relieved that I don’t have to spend money on a new computer just yet.  At the same time, having begun to look at what is available nowadays, I am also a bit disappointed.  I found this nice system at BestBuy for a bit over $1,000.00 and I had already begun to salivate over having 2 GB of RAM (with the possibility of expanding that to 4 GB) and a new graphics card.  While I could add a new graphics card to my current computer, I am maxed out on RAM so I can’t add more of that to it.  Looking for a new computer is something I typically try to avoid, lest I get the bug, just as I stay out of new car showrooms for the same reason. 

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2 thoughts on “No new computer … yet

  1. Mike

    I’m sure you’ve read how the new macbooks run windows as well.

    I highly recommend you add to your list to stay away from, it’s hard to look when you can’t buy (yet I go there anyway).

  2. Perry Post author

    It is already on my list of places not to go. However, I did discover in my search that CompUSA in West Knoxville has them in the flesh (so to speak) for a hands on demonstration, which is much more threatening than because of the physical proximity.

    Seriously, I looked at them with the thought of buying one, but it’s almost twice the money for comparable features, so I resisted.


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