A revoltin’ development!

A revoltin’ development!

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For a while, blogging may be light. This morning I was greeted by this screen indicating a boot failure. So I appear to be in the market for a new computer.

I had arisen early (around 5 AM) and decided to do some scanning that I had been intending to do for a long time. My scanner, a PaperPort 6000, is old and doesn’t have drivers for Windows XP, but fortunately I still have my Windows ME 40 Mb hard disk in my machine, and I can just switch the ribbon cables to boot up under Windows ME and use the scanner from there. So that is what I did. I completed scanning the pictures I wanted to scan and burned a CD with them on it. Then I shut down the computer, and again I switched the ribbon cables so that I could boot again from Windows XP. That is when I encountered the screen in the picture.

After a few well chosen words, I decided okay, I’ll just boot from Windows ME again and I can get online and communicate my situation from there. However, when I again shut down and switched the ribbon cables back to the ME hard disk, I again was greeted by this screen. So … it appears that it isn’t JUST a hard disk failure, since two different hard disks are failing to boot. Something else must be screwed up.

I did insert the System Disk and pressed Enter as instructed, but the only options upon doing that were to reinstall the OS, and C: or the other partition, D:, were not recognized. It may be possible to simply get a new hard disk and insert it and then reinstall the OS, but the fact that two different hard disks are failing to boot causes me to question the wisdom of that strategy.

I’ve had this computer since 2001, so it has given about 5 years of use and is, consequently, somewhat out of date, particularly in terms of its graphics card. It was probably time for me to be in the market for a new computer anyway, but as always it is better to buy a computer or a car or a new refrigerator on your planned schedule rather than finding yourself having to buy one.

Fortunately I do have access to my son’s computer to use from his home to get online occasionally and check my email or make an occasional blog post, but my responsiveness is likely to be slowed because I don’t have constant access to my own system until I can get it replaced.

Let me invite anyone who has any insight about why two different hard disks with different OSes on them wouldn’t boot, and what that might indicate is wrong with the computer (other than it is fried and in need of replacement), I’d welcome your making a comment on this post. Be aware that for first time commenters I will have to approve your comment before it will appear, so if it doesn’t show up immediately, don’t be concerned and don’t repost it. Once I’ve had a chance to check the address at which I’ll be notified about your post and to approve it, it will appear. Thanks for any help any of you can offer.

As William Bendix in his role in “The Life of Riley” used to say, “What a revoltin’ development this is!”


2 thoughts on “A revoltin’ development!

  1. Tom Simpson

    I’d check the IDE cable connection to the motherboard. It might be possible that when switching back to the XP drive, the cable got “pulled”, and isn’t making a solid connection.

    Even if it “looks” like it’s attached, be sure it’s seated correctly.

    Your controller looks like it’s still listed, so hopefully this is the problem. I’m sure it couldn’t be a problem with the drives, since I can’t imagine two of the going down at once.

  2. Perry Post author

    As I’ve already communicated to you, Tom, you were absolutely right. When I tested the IDE connection to the motherboard, it was slightly raised on one end. I pushed it all the way back in and bingo, the computer booted right up upon restarting it. I really appreciate your comment and your ability to diagnose the problem from the meager data I gave you in my blog post. Just this one bit of help has made four years worth of blogging worthwhile to me. A million thanks for your help.


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